Friends of  Rocklin Open Space and Recreation Areas

Attention Rocklin Homeowners and Residents:

Friends of Rocklin Open Space is an unincorporated nonprofit association established for the benefit of current as well as future Rocklin Residents.  Our organization's mission is to protect all land, designated by the City's General Plan for Recreation and Conservation, from Conversion to Urban Uses.

Open Space and Recreation Areas have been part of the City's General Plan for decades.  These are the areas that make Rocklin distinctive, attractive and a nice place to live.  When City Planners designate Open Space Land they are designating that land as "Permanent Open Space Land".  This open space provides the city with breathing room from the congestion and claustrophobia of urban development and it provides wildlife an area to co-exist with humanity.  Permanent Open Space provides the defining character and quality of any city.  To enroach on any Permanent Open Space with Urban Development is to violate the City's basic planning principles at the expense of all residents.  For many decades the City's General Plan has stated the following:


"Areas in the existing City area currently designated for Open Space, Conservation and Recreation Uses will remain in those designations.  There will be no reduction in present land use designations for these purposes, and the City will protect them from conversion to urban uses."


The City must not deviate from this Long Term Policy to favor private interests over the long term public interests. 


Our organization will work hard to see that the persuasions of politics and various incentives do not undermine the good long term planning and protections for our City's Natural Heritage and Recreation areas.



Frank Geremia

General Representative

Friends of Rocklin Open Space



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